Tuesday, December 2, 2014

workin' that photoshop

So I had my first real-life sighting of an overtly Photoshopped advertisement. It feels a little bit like an internet-using milestone. I found it on Pinterest, became suspicious of the clothing models ridiculously skinny upper legs, clicked on the link to Asos, and lo and behold, Photoshop.

wait, her calves are wider than her thighs...
I'm sure that this unsuspecting woman has perfectly lovely legs that would do a wonderful job of selling me Hunter fleece inserts (I totally need these, but that's besides the point...oh! something shiny...) but I just don't see why the post-production team felt the need to edit away her very-important inner thighs (I mean, how else would you warm up your hands, and wouldn't crossing your legs feel very strange?). Not to mention her square lady bits. Not natural, folks. I'm insulted that you thought you could pass this off as a normally-grown human body.

Have you happened upon a naturally-occuring victim of Photoshop? I'm always curious about those travel pictures on Pinterest with unnaturally vibrant colors. How did it make you feel? Have you ever Photoshopped something? I also did that for the first time recently. I had a very cute picture of Sally with a ponytail and the elastic was bright blue and she was wearing pink and black (hey, you know, sometimes you just use the first elastic you can get your hands on) so I went back and "color-filled" the elastic to appear black. It was awesome.

til the photo shops,


  1. I run nearly all of my photos through photoshop before sharing on Facebook or printing, but I try to stick with just eliminating red eye, adjusting color and lighting and getting a better crop. I confess though, there have been a few erased blemishes and slimmed arms!! Nice work with the hair twisty!!

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