Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Planning Part 2

As promised, I said I would be back this week to share some recipes. 

Here are some of my favorite appetizers for Thanksgiving or any other occasion. 

Spinach dip - this is a crowd pleaser! This is right off the package of the Knorrs Vegetable Soup Mix.  
  • I substitute the water chestnuts with sliced almonds and I do not add the chopped green onions. 
  • A fun way to serve this is in the middle of a round black bread, which you can pick up in the bakery section of your super market. It's also good with pita chips! 

Another go-to appetizer recipe is buffalo chicken dip

  • I start by boiling a package of chicken tenders. Once they have cooked (about 15 minutes) I shred them with two forks and put into a bowl. 
  • Next add a block of cream cheese and 1 cup of blue cheese dressing into a sauce pan and begin to let it cook and soften. 
  • Once the cream cheese and blue cheese are combined together add 1 cup of Franks Hot Sauce, then add the shredded chicken. 
  • Serve this with tostito scoops.  

One of my favorite Thanksgiving deserts are these Pumpkin cookies - I don't make mine with the icing, they are delicious without it!

What's on your Thanksgiving menu? I can't wait for some good eats!


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