Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Planning Part 1

With Thanksgiving now two weeks away, there's a lot of planning and prepping going on in my house. Let me start by explaining, I'm not hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday at my house, that's reserved for my Aunt & Uncle in NYC, but I am hosting family at my house on Friday.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I do have to say, my family does it right! My Aunt & Uncle's apartment overlooks Central Park. Once we all get there it's drinks and appetizers as we finish watching the parade on TV. After we've all settled in and watched a bit of the first football game, we all gear up for our own football game in Central Park. We usually get in a solid hour or so before we get the phone call that dinner is ready. In my eyes Thanksgiving is perfect.

So back to what I'm planning for. We spend Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family, therefore on Friday we always get together with my Mom's side of the family. This year it's my turn to play host. We'll be about 20 people (kiddos included). Turkey is not the centerpiece of this day, it's very much the opposite, we stay away from all the traditional Thanksgiving foods that we just stuffed our faces with the day before.

I've already made and froze my chicken cacciatore, more on the appetizers, main course and desert next week. 

Today I'm here to talk about the fun stuff - the drinks and decorations!

Below are the three drink choices I'm deliberating. 

The first, an apple cider (white) sangria.

The second a honeycrisp (red) apple sangria 

And the third option is a spiked spiced apple cider (say that 5 times fast). 

I'm also busy thinking of simple centerpiece ideas for the dining room table and the two bridge tables I'll set up in my living room. Which of these do you like? 


Be sure to check back next week for some delicious recipes for Thanksgiving or any other party you host.