Tuesday, November 11, 2014

nap time today

This is what I worked on during the calm and silence that nap time bestows upon me. November brings with it a never-ending cycle of DIY projects. Kicking off the month with homemade Halloween (I talked more about this over in Merry-land) followed quickly by Graham's birthday, then our wedding anniversary then Sally's birthday then Thanksgiving and Justin's birthday. Food and banners and cakes and decorations and invitations and more food and more cakes.

These princess peg dolls will be my handmade birthday gift to Sally (Belle and Rapunzel will be later). I was inspired by this Etsy listing found on Pinterest. Each year I try to give the kids a handmade gift. Last year, Sally got a canopy for her bed, and Graham got a big poster with all of his first-year milestones.

Like Loni did last week, I feel like I'm due for a big ol' game of catch-up. (side note, Sally calls ketchup "check up" and it makes me giggle.). Stay tuned for that...in the meantime,

til the wind chills.

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