Tuesday, November 25, 2014


see what I did there? November has been Biiizzzzzyyy...(with a capital B and alternate spelling...so you know I'm serious). I'm ketching (ha) my breath only to hit the road again in two days for the greatest food holiday that ever was.

Here are the finished princess peg dolls for the birthday girl. The younger birthday boy now has an urgent need for his own set, so an Elsa, Anna, Spider-man, and firefighter are on the docket. I mentioned in a previous post the Etsy shop that inspired my creations. I bought a little wooden box at Michaels, and that is where the peg gals live.

the girls from the front, and a hair detail shot
I went to my first-ever grown-up Friendsgiving potluck yesterday. Gosh, do I love friends (good friends, really good friends) and food (good food, really good food). I'd never had legit green bean casserole, so I adapted this recipe, slightly. I used organic condensed cream of mushroom soup and used milk to thin it out, no water chestnuts, and no bacon bits. I crushed the fried onion to a state slightly larger than a breadcrumb. Still crunchy, but no big chunks. Also made a slightly adapted version of this Parmesan Garlic monkey bread. I cooked them in two (disposable) pie plates and lowered the cook temp to 350. And I made these pumpkin cookies with maple cream cheese frosting. I used milk instead of the greek yogurt called for in the frosting, because I didn't have greek yogurt, but I did have milk. Gross story, I actually did have greek yogurt...I checked the expiration date and it expired in July. I looked on the inside, because sometimes yogurt is really resilient. This time, it was not, and I will not go into more detail than that. It was my first time making the casserole and the cookies, which always make me nervous, but both turned out well! As for some of the other potlucks - a kale salad (which I actually enjoyed, don't tell California), a shredded Brussels sprouts salad with cranberries and goat cheese, crock pot mac and cheese, and a deeeelicious creamy, yet crunchy, chocolate pie. If I were thoughtful and on top of things, I would have these recipes for you, but I don't. I have a plan to email for the recipes, but that plan has not yet been put into action.

For actual Thanksgiving, I bring pie. Not pumpkin pie, not apple pie, not pecan pie. Chocolate chip pies. Two of them, because if I only made one, there would be no leftovers, and that is a crime punishable by law. I found the recipe, oh probably 7 years ago, long before Pinterest, and long before I was into reading blogs, so I do not have a digital version. Here is a photo of my well-used, spilled upon recipe card. Please notice the "2 eggs, beaten" smushed onto the end of the first line of ingredients (must've been before spell check too). Obviously, I've adapted this recipe in several different ways, and through those adaptations, I've taken away its credential as a Kentucky Derby Pie. Though I added a copyright symbol back when I typed it, so it must not have been before copyright concerns (gosh, I'm a nerd). I like to do the half white sugar/half brown sugar bit. Brown sugar is just meant to go with chocolate chips. I omit the walnuts, because well, I don't really like walnuts, and I don't want them messing up a perfectly delicious gooey, melty chocolate chip pie. I make this recipe parve by subbing in Earth Balance for the butter.

Do you keep a holiday memory book? I got the idea from my mom. I'm terrible at journaling (that's a word, right?) but I do make an effort to write down each holiday. What was cooked, who was there, any activities, etc. And even when we did our big family vacation this year, the last morning during breakfast, I made quick notes of each day. Oh how I wish I had something that chronicled our time in DC. I do have pictures that tell a pretty good story, but sometimes words are worth a thousand pictures.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend some QT with the people that you love.

til the drum sticks,

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