Friday, October 3, 2014

I tried, I really did

I made homemade flavored coffee creamer, because the ingredient list in the store-bought is somewhat off-putting. But you know what. it just didn't work. It didn't really lighten my coffee, unless I wanted to dump 4 tablespoons in there, but thats a lot of sweetened condensed milk first thing in the morning. Nope. I tried, I really did. Bring on the International Delight French Vanilla.

not what my coffee looked like

I'm mildly concerned about my kids drinking milk from cows treated with growth hormone. I tried to do the organic, DHA-fortified stuff, but frankly, we drink too much milk and its too darn expensive. So, I've settled for regular milk, but I do make sure that the label says that its from untreated cows. I tried, I really did. Super earth-mother I am not.

I put on my trusty Old Navy chambray shirt, with my new J. Crew Factory dark wash matchstick jeans (hello markdowns + 65% off!). And then I immediately took off my trusty chambray shirt and put on a striped tee. I tried, I really did. I'm just not down with (or able to pull off) the denim on denim.

Have you given something a go, and it didn't work out? Or did it? What was it?

til the star bursts,

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