Sunday, September 7, 2014

tis the season!

Today brings the beginning of a new football season, and the beginning of a new adventure for me - as a kindergarten Hebrew school teacher. I'm really excited slash riddled with anxiety. Also, its my first Sunday as the possessor of a ladle, thanks to yellow label. I just love her. And the awesomeness of Amazon Prime (and the people who use it to send things to friends) just keeps proving itself again and again.

During the game, we'll be eating this dip to usher in the dip season to end all dip seasons. I can't wait. I've been wanting a melty cheese something for quite some time and I think this will do, indeed. Do you have a go-to dip recipe?

I've been brushing up on my Hebrew and gettin crafty, so fingers crossed for the first day of school today. 

Any new adventures starting for you?

til the paper cuts,

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