Friday, September 26, 2014

that time I did vegan

I did some holiday cooking this week. I should say I did some baking. Because dessert. My mother-in-law knows my strengths well, and when I ask what I can do to help, she always says she could use more dessert. Who doesn't?!

So I decided to make the desserts vegan. The desserts already have to be parve, so to make them vegan, at least for me, usually just means making sure there are no eggs or honey. Its much more complicated than that, but also simple. So that's what I did.

First up, chocolate pomegranate truffles - inspired by my new favorite over-the-counter chocolate. I used this recipe - but substituted a pomegranate reduction for the raspberry puree. I then rolled the finished product in pomegranate sugar (a few splashes of pomegranate juice and a cup of sugar mushed together in a plastic bag). I had some trouble with one batch of truffles not setting. I think it was too much vegetable oil. I stuck them in the freezer overnight and that seemed to help. Mmmm, and I recommend enjoying with a glass of red wine.

Then, an apple pie tart. The original inspiration recipe called it a pizza and used a pizza crust, but I wanted to use puff pastry, so bingo - a tart. That recipe calls for canned apple pie filling, but I had lots of apples to use up, thanks to a grandparent/grandchild trip to the apple orchard. So I used this recipe to make my own filling.

apples and sugar

I took a pic of the finished product, but it was night time and the picture didn't do it justice, so just imagine a puffy crusted, cinnamon-y, crispy topped, icing-drizzled confection, and there you go. So good. (ps - I think I typed "applie" at least 15 times instead of typing apple pie.)

til the apple peels,

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