Friday, September 19, 2014

staples and holes

Continuing with Loni's theme - fall has fallen over here. At least into our closets. I've (mostly) completed the semi-annual rotation and organization of childrens clothes. It always seems to be more involved than it should. I won't get into it, but lets just say I spent 2 hours just in Sally's room alone. I will not do anything else fall-related until the autumnal equinox, including ordering my beloved PSL. But you know what else is just as good? Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin White Chocolate with cream (sorry coffee snobs connoisseurs). So good, and easily $3 cheaper.

I've also begun to rotate out the lightweight, light-colored summer clothing for the darker, heavier tones of fall in my own drawers. I have a few pieces that stay in the dresser through all seasons, but as I get out my fall clothes, its like a little reunion with good friends that I haven't seen in a while. "Oh, long-high-low-hemmed-gray-jersey-shirt, how have you been? Really? You've already been catching up with ankle-length-leggings? You guys get along so well. Now, don't get ahead of yourselves, how would camel-colored-Uggs feel if they knew you guys were hanging out together already." (am I a nerd? yep).

My staple pieces for fall are:
- capri and ankle length black leggings
- a long, loose, shorter-in-front, soft as a bunny gray shirt from Old Navy last year. Had I known how much I would end up wearing it, I would've bought another one to tuck away.
- a striped and polka dotted scarf with all of these colors in it: gray, black, camel brown, cream, and brown brown. I mean hello perfection.
- chambray shirt
- a pea green (yellow almost?) boatneck shirt and a black and cream striped boatneck shirt. And lets face it, about 4 other striped shirts
- camel brown Uggs, dark brown leather slouchy boots, and green Hunter boots
- dark green quilted vest with gold zipper (does not match the Hunter boots, le sigh)
- leopard flats

all of it, please

Noticeable holes in my fall wardrobe
- furry, lined moccasins
- black riding boots
- an excellent pair of skinny jeans for wearing with boots. The pair I have, if I rub my nails along them, my nails turn blue. No good. And I'm constantly pulling up the waistband *pet peeve* 
- hooded, cinch-waist anorak or barn jacket
- a few more shirts that I can wear with leggings. I heart leggings.
- a collared shirt in the black color family, I have the chambray and the navy, but I need one more.

couldn't find source link

What are your staple pieces? Tell me, but know that what you say will end up on my "holes" list, I will copy you, I have no shame. I saw a very nicely dressed woman in Panera with a skirt on that looked exactly like a skirt in one of my pins - I went up to her, in my messy bun and white t-shirt with my 2 food-covered children in tow and asked her where she got it. Its from Ann Taylor, its perfect, its on clearance, and they don't have my size. Grrr.

Where do you buy shirts that are good for legging usage? What are you finding are the missing pieces in your closet? Do tell, do tell. 

til the pillow talks,

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