Friday, September 12, 2014

getting into the zone

Bags. We have so many bags. "School"bags. Swim lesson bags. Dance class bags. Return-to-Target bags. Keep-children-happy-while-out-to-eat bags. Give-this-to-your-friend-the-next-time-you-see-them bags. And they were all in a pile by the back door. Yay. Oh, and shoes too. Yay.

Not anymore. I've started working on creating a drop zone at the door from the garage into the house. Praise the house-hunting gods that we found an affordable house with an attached garage. I've got a small metal shelving unit, a crate turned on its side, and a striped rug. So far so good. The design (I use that term loosely, as this is after all, just a spot for bags and shoes) was inspired by these pins. Probably because they both have actual objects in them that I own. Weird.

The little boots, the shelves, the hooks

the green boots, the crates

Also necessary is a place for hats and gloves. We have a coat rack inside, and I don't want to keep coats out in the garage, because brrrr. So I got a long, shallow basket that clips onto the side of the wire shelves and that's where hats and such will go. You know, I tried to link to the basket that I got, but Target's website is the worst and I couldn't find it. So no linky, sorry.

I need to find hooks that will work. I'm worried about weight limits! Did I mention all the bags?

If its picture-worthy, I'll share an "after" shot with y'all when its done. I have a couple cute little "art" decor things that I might hang. I also reeeeeeeallllllly want to paint the door - maybe black? 

And just for fun, I think a DIY version of this will find its way in front of the inside door...

 til the car tunes,

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