Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Falling into Fall

While I'm a beach bum through and through I do enjoy the flowers blooming as we usher in spring and the crisp, clean air that blows fall to the region.

I'm excited to break out my boot collection and scarves, sip on some pumpkin spiced coffee and apple cider, go pumpkin picking, and decorate the outside of my house with mums. These things represent fall to me.

Decorating my house last week helped make the fact that the sun is rising later and setting earlier, the fact that I have to wear a jacket in the morning and put the heavy comforter on our bed the other night a bit more bearable.

Thanks to Pinterest I've found some more fall things I want to try ... starting with these 10 drinks you can make in a crock pot. Or how about these mums in a pumpkin (so adorable!)

Or maybe this awesome table setting for Thanksgiving?

How do you embrace and welcome fall? Whatever it is I hope you're enjoying the change of season as much as I am. I certainly don't welcome winter with such open arms, so I'm going to hold on to fall for as long as possible. 

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