Friday, August 1, 2014

you stay classy

Back to life, back to reality. 5 days of drip castles, sweet tea, sun-induced laziness, naps on 'that little basket thing' (hammock), and staying up past bedtime for games of beach tag. We are home with our boys and have eased back into things without much of a hitch. I took this picture during a morning walk, and I already know I'll cherish it forever.

At some point this weekend, I will be making these. Justin and I have been trying to make the most of oh-oh-those-summmer-niiighhhhts by eating dinner outside after the kids go to bed, with some beer, some wine, and some delicious (dare I say, grown-up) food.

Also on the must-make, class-it-up-a-notch list:



And finally

til the moon beams,

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  1. You so classy ms. moon beams. Love that shot of your baby girl! xox