Friday, August 29, 2014

things my kitchen wishes I would buy

1. a panini press
so we could make deliciousness like this and this together

2. a slow cooker with a timer
I have a Crock Pot, and I have slow cooker liners, so if I just had a slow cooker with a timer, I feel as though my kitchen and I could take on the world together (at least the world of advance dinner-making).

3. actual space between the stove and the fridge
Alas, that is a problem only solved by major renovation (sorry kitch, not in the cards right now). I'm not sure what kitchen layout genius put them next to each other, but it cannot be very efficient.

4. a ladle
I know, I have no excuses, its just one of those things that I forget that I don't have until I go to get soup out of a pot, and then I'm like, oh right, I don't have a ladle.

5. one of those cushy-comfy foot mat things
If I bought of those for my kitchen, we could spend so much more quality time together. Nothing makes you feel 30 more than a backache after a half hour at the stove.

What would your kitchen tell you to buy?

til the waffle irons,

6. a waffle iron!

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