Friday, August 8, 2014

football: a family affair

We are like, so pumped for the start of the football season. E-A-G-L-E-S...Eagles! We've been brainwashing instilling a love for the home team since our babies were big enough to wear clothes. Football games are on every Sunday, the touchdown song is sung (hopefully frequently) loud and proud and clapping, jumping, and high-five-ing is encouraged.

A point of pride for both Justin and I was just the other day, when Sally just started singing "Fly, Eagles, fly, score a touchdown, 1-2-3" while playing with her dolls. And Graham says "ball" whenever he sees the Eagles (and Phillies, actually) logo.

The Eagles schedule is consulted before any plans are made in the fall/winter months. We may or may not send out a "holiday" card at the start of the season. And Sally has come to learn that its perfectly normal for Mommy and Daddy to scream at the TV from September to January. Yellow label is making Sally an Eagles dress and I don't which one of us girls is more excited.

So Season's Greetings fellow football fans (except Cowboys greetings for you), may our team win.  


til the grid irons,

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