Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Vaca Flashback

Some of my summer vacation memories (ha, who am I kidding, most) include my parents and brother, aunts, uncles and cousins in the Outer Banks (I’m talking back before anyone had OBX stickers on their cars).

We would pack up like the Beverly Hillbillies and caravan down together – leaving in the middle of the night and getting into the Outer Banks just in time for the back seat to wake up because the sun was rising and we were getting hungry. 

We would rent enormous houses on the beach and settle in for two weeks of fun in the sun and craziness. Those were the days ... besides the incredible family bonding time, everyone really left everything behind in NY & PA and totally chilled. Kids bunked together and every adult couple got their own room. Each family was in charge of making dinner at least one night and there were nights where we would venture out to one of our favorite local spots (a table for 15+ was not always the easies of feats).

But what truly made those summers so special was the amazing bonds we formed year after year. People would always hear that we were going away for two weeks with our family and say “oh my god, how can you all be together for that long?” or “don’t you guys fight?” – they say you can pick your friends but you can’t pick you family and you know what I was lucky enough that I got dealt an amazing family! 

We’ve weathered hurricanes, been evacuated off the island, had some great houses and some not so great houses – but we managed to make the most out of every year and every situation.

We haven’t been back to the Outer Banks in about 5 years and there isn’t a summer that rolls around that I don’t wish we were packing up the car to head down to North Carolina for another fun-filled 2 weeks of being beach bums.

Have you ever been to the Outer Banks? If not I highly recommend it! We’ve stayed in Nags Head, Duck, Corolla and Cape Hatteras (Duck was my favorite). 

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