Friday, July 4, 2014

a resolution on independency

Happy 4th! Actually, Happy 7th - because hopefully you've had such a great weekend that you won't be reading this til Monday!

I'll be spending the 4th warming the house of dear friends, and enjoying fireworks from the backyard. Maybe some pool time and a night out on the town as well. And, natural-Lee, I'll be watching 1776, per tradition. There are a few parts that I fast-forward, but all in all, this movie has dry humor, singing, and history - which basic-Lee makes it right up my alley (also, lots of semi-recognizable faces...Mr. Feeney, the Supreme Court nominee from West Wing/Hank Hooper from 30Rock, Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, so yeah). Or maybe I've just outed myself as a gigantic nerd, but you've probably already figured that out (I mean, one time I did add an 'ou' to color, just for fun).

Happy Birthday America!

til the dawnzers lee light,

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