Friday, July 18, 2014

a few things I think I think

I read this every time I go to the beach
(title is a nod to MMQB...7 days til the most wonderful season of all...)

How gorg is Loni's new furniture?? As for a chandelier, I'm kinda digging this one. Her new table is long enough that it could hold its own against something like that. I would love a drum pendant over our table...this one in black, please and thank you. 

This time next week, I'll be leaving for a few days at the beach - just me, my dad and Sally. What is it about the beach? I have one new book lined up (no thanks to you guys! left me hanging on book recs, y'all. just kidding. but really, I did want to know what you're reading!) - Gone Girl. I can't wait to dig my toes into the sand and read while watching my little girly build castles and get a sand-sculpted mermaid fin courtesy of grandpa. I bought her the sweetest little floppy sun hat, that actually, is a similar pattern to the pendant lamp above. Oh stripes, you get me every time. 

I'm having mild anxiety about leaving Graham for that long (the hotel isn't air conditioned - unless you count glorious salt water breeze through white linen curtains hung on open windows as A/C - so its not good for little ones...hopefully in a couple years, he'll be joining his big sis on the beach).

Guys, I made the easiest, tastiest, summeryiest recipe this week - hop on over to and check it out! 

Got any fun plans coming up? Any yummy recipes we need to make asap?

til the dill pickles,

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  1. giiiirl with the link love!! YES:) Also, read Where did you go Bernadette. Just finished it, perfect for the beach. xox, m