Friday, June 13, 2014

the great printing of 2014

Sorry about all the paper, Earth, but I just can't have my recipes on a technological device. I never know where I saw the recipe, or where its saved, or if I've even used it. And so many online recipes have notes in the comments, and I read the comments and make the changes that people suggest, but then I have no way of capturing, or remembering those changes. And frankly, I want something that's pass-on-able. So I'm in the midst of compiling every recipe I've bookmarked, pinned or put on a recipe card. Since I haven't figured out how to email my bookmarks, I've been copying and pasting every link into an email to myself. So far, I have 5 emails with 20-30 recipes in each. Yikes. The plan is to go to each link, print the recipe and keep them all in one binder in the kitchen. I've got quite a few cookbooks as well, but those recipes will stay where they are.

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but you know the silly reason I haven't done it? I just could not find the right binder. While at Target (of course) earlier this week, the clouds parted and angels sang when I came across this...

striped + organized

Perfection, and just what I needed to get this project going. I'm hoping to keep the recipes on one page each, but I don't plan on editing them all to look the same (because lets be honest..ain't nobody got time energy for that.)

I'm sure this is how I will feel at the end of this whole thing

How do you organize your recipes? Or are they unorganized, like mine? Do you use recipes? Do you have a method for keeping track of what you've made? 

til the print previews,

ps. its Friday the 13th! And a full moon! Good luck out there.

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  1. Have you ever seen my recipe binder? No surprise, but it's separated with our favorite clear dividers so that I can put the smaller recipes in the pockets. Girl after my own heart, of course.