Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Siblings – Your Live In Friends Growing Up

From the moment my brother was born, he was my real, live baby doll (and I was not a big doll girl), but there was something about him that was so special and those feelings are still the same 26 years later.

Growing up my brother and I could play together for hours and completely occupy ourselves (a Mother’s dream!) We also never fought (I swear), there’s 4 years between us and I think the combination of the age gap and our completely different personalities is why we've always gotten along so well. If there was ever a time where we disagreed on something (and this did happen - we are both hot heads and very stubborn), my Mom would always say "work it out," and we did! Which I believe is why we grew up to become such great communicators. From an early age we were taught to express our feelings, talk things out and work through them. 

My brother is so laid back and easy going and I’m more uptight and like being the center of attention - hence why we get along great (he was the peanut butter and I was the jelly that made up the delicious staple in our house, he was the pasta and I was the butter - long story, maybe for another blog).

Even though he’s younger, there have been countless times where I’ve leaned on him during a hard time, asked him for his advice or opinion, relied on him for something, counted on him to cheer me up or make me laugh and I have always known that I can depend on him no matter what!

One of the hardest days for me was when we dropped him off at college. I had just graduated and moved back home, and it was the first time since my brother was born that he wasn't home when I was – such a weird feeling!

Fast forward to present day, I live in New Jersey and he’s in Philadelphia. We don’t go more than a couple of days without speaking to each other and we see each other whenever possible.

One day, when I have a family of my own, I wish for my kids the relationship that my brother and I had growing up and the relationship that has developed as we've become adults (which is still debatable at times - more like "kidults").

Here’s to my friend, my partner in crime, my ally, my buddy … my brother – I love you Pressy!

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  1. Love u too Lonnie. Thanks for all the kind words are remember same team for life!