Friday, June 6, 2014

seasonal garland: popsicle edition

First of all, aren't we soooooo excited for Juls!!!! She's going to be a wonderful mommy.

It's not technically summer yet, but it is in my mind because Sally had her last day of preschool on Tuesday, which means its full-time summer-time around here! I've armed myself with a list of places to go (mostly free, or with minimal expense) on sunny days or rainy days. I made a "summer fun" list with ideas to occupy the 10 hours a day I'll be solo with both of my munchkins. And obviously, I switched my mantel from spring to summer (isn't that 3rd on everyone's priority list? Oh, its 1st you say? I like your style).

My best friend yellow label and I had the exact same idea for a summer garland at the exact same time (clearly, this is why we're BFF's). We were litcherally sending each other a text at the same time. The thought was to use paint chips (free from home improvement stores) cut into the shape of popsicles with little sticks at the bottom. So the kids and I killed some time at Home Depot (its like little kid heaven in there - riding mowers, fans, doors to open and close, mirrors to dance in front of, etc). I picked out some summery colours and got to work once the kids were in bed for the night.

It's not rocket science, but I did take a few step-by-step pics to share with you, in case you want to try it but maybe your brain is fried and thinking through how to make a garland out of paint chips just ain't gon' happen.

First, pick your popsicle shape. Twin (maybe for Juls, eh?), rocket, classic, etc. I chose classic. I used this as a general form (I was going to print it and then trace the outline, but then the printer was downstairs and with the walking and the plugging in, it was all too much) so I just free-handed it while using the outline as a reference.

Then, I traced the first one directly onto the front of the paint chip, so I could choose the proportions of the different colours and then once I cut it out, traced onto the backs of the others, so I didn't have to worry about cutting exactly on the trace lines, while still ensuring the correct colour-gradient ratios.

 Instead of going with actual popsicle sticks, which would have required purchasing some, I just dipped into my stash of striped coloured straws (you have a stash too right? oh good) and snipped one in half and then taped it onto the back of the paint chip. 

And four, repeat steps one through three (just kidding...but sorry, you will definitely still have that song in your head in a few days, because I do). So after cutting out all my paint chips and playing fight-the-urge-to-match-everything-Em while pairing up straws and popsicles, you're ready to string 'em up! I just taped the finished popsicle directly to the string.

oh, crooked blue one, how you mock me

 I switched out my spring stuff and put up some summer-themed objects, but it still needs a little more. Any suggestions??

Maybe putting the potted 'plants' into sand buckets? Putting a small inflatable beach ball in place of the candle? I just don't know. May this be my biggest problem right now, sheesh.

til the sand boxes,

ps. I totally added a 'u' to color - I like to have fun.

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