Friday, June 20, 2014

DI to the Y denim cutoffs

What better way to tell your 30's to talk to the hand than a good ol' pair of denim cutoffs? I blame it on the fact that they weren't really "trendy" back when I was 22 (right, they weren't? or was I just out of touch?) and that I was pregnant or losing baby weight during the height of their resurgence.

So I made myself a pair of festival-worthy denim shorts - and if by festival you mean you wear them while running to Target in the rain with your 2 kids in tow because you're out of paper towels and diapers? Then yes, they are totally my festival shorts (siiiigh. seektobemerry can totally rock the legitimate festival look, totes jelly) And I am really pumped about wearing them with my Hunter boots (one of my all-time fav gifts, thanks mom!).

I did not own a pair of jeans suitable for this mission, so I've been checking thrift stores every now and then for a pair that fit the bill. I found them on Tuesday. American Eagle jeans (my fav) - one size too big (nice and loose in the waist and thighs), low-rise, and an even lower price tag - $6. Woot woot. 

mere seconds later...just keepin it real y'all
I held them up to my shortest pair of shorts, and marked the inseam length with a blue sharpie. I tried them on to make sure I liked the length, and then followed this tutorials suggestion of cutting on an angle and knowing that you'll lose some length with fraying, etc.

one side down (up, actually) one to go
Once one side was cut, and I tried them on again to be sure I liked the length. Indeed I did. So I folded the jeans in half and marked a line along the still-in-tact leg and used it to cut the other leg off.

the deed is done, now for the fun part
Then following this tutorial, I used my Microplane to give the bottoms some not so gentle lovin.
Begin Scene
Justin doing dishes: Hey honey? Whats the blue stuff in the grater? I don't remember anything blue with dinner?
Me: About that.....
End Scene

post-grating. not much of a difference....yet

 Then they went for a spin in the washer and dryer. Bingo! Just trimmed off some super long stragglers and they were ready to go!

I've worn them once, and I see 2 potential problems/changes that need to be made. More distressing, stat. Some rips in the leg and along the waist and pockets are in these sho-tay's future. And, they are stretch jeans, so they don't get as wrinkly in the leg as I would like. So, I'm enjoying them for now, but as inexpensive and easy as they were to make, I think I'll continue to keep my eye out for non-stretch jeans (with a similar price tag).

Any DIY's for you lately? Up to any destruction?

til the seam stresses,

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  1. These came out AMAAAAZINGLY! And thanks for the link love - maybe not a music festival for your shorts, but cocktails after a day at the beach!? That we can definitely make happen :)