Friday, June 27, 2014

atomic wedges

As I headed to the checkout at Old Navy, I spotted them. There they were, at the back of a floor table, lonesome, no other 'sunkissed lime' wedges to keep them company. A size 7? Surely they wouldn't fit. But lo! A quick slip-on proved that they did indeed. Sole-mates? I dare say.

The entire store was basically on sale for $6, so I figured the odds were good that these would not be their full $27 price tag (now, that's not to say they aren't completely worth the $27, I just have a moral problem with spending full retail at Old Navy. I just won't do it). A price check at the register...baited breath...score! On sale for $14, and I had a $5 off coupon - 9 whole dollars to own these.

My mind is already combining outfits and coming up with occasions for which to wear them. Cobalt fit and flare skirt, with a chambray and white striped jersey cotton dress....white jeans with a silk navy tank top and statement necklace. I want to wear them with shorts, how do I do it? The new cutoffs? What kind of top? If not the cutoffs, then what style of shorts do I go with?

What have you scored recently? Is it wearable? A dining room table for Lon? A designer dress you just couldn't leave behind a la Juls?

til the lime slices,

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  1. I am feeling the buzz of this amazing retail victory Em and your loot is adorable! I cannot wait to see what outfits you come up with!! xox