Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ride, Shoot, Play … Get Dirty!

I’m not your typical girl as you might have read in my bio. I’m a major tomboy and there’s no sport or activity that I won’t try at least once. Sunday’s are meant for football, driveways for basketball nets, water for wave runners or surfing, mountains for snowboarding and deserts for ATVing!

 From an early age I’ve always been “one of the guys.” I’ve played soccer, basketball, t-ball, baseball, softball and that was all before I turned 18.

Believe me I clean up very well – but I’m much happier in comfy clothes over heels and a dress.

I love shooting guns, playing football on Thanksgiving with the guys, pool volleyball at a family pool party every year and going about 70 mph on a friends wave runner on the Chesapeake (such an adrenalin rush).

My pinkies have been jammed so many times in basketball that they’re not straight anymore and I’m not afraid to get a little dirt under my nails.

What it comes down to is that life is more fun when you’re going 70 miles an hour on a wave runner, standing up on your first wave of the day, or scoring the game winning touchdown.

Girls – don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something “tomboyish" - you might have fun!


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