Friday, May 2, 2014

Raskog laptop station

Lately, I've been doing most of my computer work on one of the comfy chairs in our living room. I've also noticed how papers have taken over my life (anyone else with me on this?! - paper, paper everywhere). My "office" is down a level, and by the looks of the paper and the laptop sitting on the hearth, it would appear that I don't make it down there very frequently. 

The laptop needed a home, as did the papers and magazines. So I decided to set up a little satellite office on our main level (and I've been singing Satellite by Dave Matthews ever since. like all the time its in my head). I've been yearning for a reason to purchase the Raskog cart from Ikea. Et voila! The opportunity presented itself. My little guy and I ventured out to the nearest Ikea (a quick hop skip 100 miles away). I had amassed a shopping list over the last few months, so this was going to be a very productive and worthwhile trip (it better be, gosh darn it).

The goods acquired. The requisite stuffing of 4 door sedan commenced. Then on to pick up the oldest munchkin from a sleepover at Grandpa's. Upon stepping foot in our home, I set to work on getting everything set up (am I the only one who can't bear to wait any longer than humanly necessary?). Luckily it was nap time, so there was no child neglect. I realized a couple minutes into it that I needed a second pair of hands. Nope, can't wait. So I rigged up a little cereal box and books action to hold up the part that needed holding. See, I wanted to flip the top basket of the Raskog upside down, so the laptop could sit on a flat surface, thus allowing easy access to the cords, etc. 

So far, I lurve it! Do you have a Raskog? Did you get it in that gorgeous blue color? My neutral-loving soul just couldn't commit to that amount of color. What do you use it for? Where do you do your computer stuff - in front the TV, in bed? Do you have to plan months in advance before stepping foot in that labyrinth Ikea?

til the paper cuts,


  1. Em you are so cute and crafty! Of course my color-committed heart has been pining for the blue Raskog and with the paperwork from my new job starting to pile up (everywhere!) I've been thinking I might finally have an excuse to make the purchase :)

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