Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mom, My Best Friend - Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, the person who births you, nurtures you, cares for you, guides you, teaches, you, encourages you, cheers you on, supports you, consoles you, make you laugh, and loves you unconditionally … at least my mom does!

Growing up my mom made sure she was more of a mom than a friend, but as I got older that all changed! 

I have some of the most fun with my mom when it’s just the two of us. We laugh our heads off, make fun of each other, share things with each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone else, confided in one another and just plain have fun!

 Whenever we’re out together we always get the “wow you look so much alike,” or “you can tell you two are related,” and my mom’s favorite “are you sisters?” But it’s true, the older I get the more and more I’m starting to look like my mom, but even scarier, the more I’m starting to act, say and do things she does. We’ve been known to say the same things at the same time, laugh the same way or finish each others sentences.

I could go on and on about my mom, but what I really want the world to know is what a wonderful person my mom truly is. She’s my rock, the woman I aspire to be like one day and hands down the best mom a girl could ask for. 

Her personality lights up a room, her positive attitude about life is inspiring and her undying devotion and love toward her family is immeasurable.

This Mother’s Day and I always I wish my mom a life full of happiness and good health so that we can continue to have fun together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

I love you mom!

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  1. You absolutely made my day!! I love you so very much and appreciate every word you wrote. I have truly been blessed having you as my daughter and dearest female friend! Thanks for being you and all you represent.