Friday, May 16, 2014

just some stuff

(It was a homemade, hand-painted, bedazzled breakfast-in-bed tray, which we used for croissants (my francophile-self was so appreciative for my husband, who totally gets me). Could anything more perfect have been wrapped in such a package??)

We are on the road this weekend, in Yo-hio, as Sally has been adorably calling it. For a wedding (yay love!) and Sally has been telling everyone that she gets to wear a pink dress. If it was socially acceptable, I would be telling everyone about what I'm wearing, because I'm totally excited about it. Ever put together an outfit that you're so excited about, you'd wear to the grocery store, just have the chance to actually put it on?

Raise your hand if you would expect a veggie burger from Burger King to be more Weight Watchers points than a regular old cheeseburger. Not me! Oh well. Still a yummy road lunch. You live, you learn.

I recently realized that there's (relatively) lots of protein in egg noodles. I guess it makes sense thinking about it now, but I hadn't thought of it. Graham does not enjoy foods that are a source of protein, only foods that are a source of carbohydrates, or grapes. So after realizing there's good protein in egg noodles, and having found a whole grain version with lots of dietary fiber, I'm all "bring all the egg noodles in the land for my young squire!". I thought I'd share my findings in case you have someone in your life who needs some sneak-it-in-the-back-door protein. 

Sally has a dance recital coming up, and my little sweet 3.5 year old who picks her nose and then calls for me to grab a tissue because she got a "really big, long one", has to have an unshakable bun, and full stage makeup (like eyeliner and red lipstick). Really? Have they tried doing a ponytail and/or wiping dinner remnants off of a 3 year old?? And they expect her to hold still long enough for me to apply red lipstick, and have it stay on just her lips? This will be fun.

Any wriggly challenges coming your way? Any thought-you-were-being-healthy-but-you-actually-weren't moments? Have any new, non-dairy, uncharted protein sources for me? What stuff is going on with you??

til the cat nips,

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