Wednesday, April 9, 2014

They’re Saying 30’s The New 20 Right? Who Cares … Age Is Just A Number!

I’m turning 30 in 3 days and people have been asking me how I feel about that. I’ll never understand how people want me to answer that question, “I feel great!” or “Damn I’m getting old.” … To me age is just a number that you turn one year older each year.  It’s more about how you spend each day enjoying life, rather than dwelling on “getting older.”

I will say I’m excited to turn 30 because I will be celebrating this milestone with my family in Florida. Relaxation, the beach, margaritas, flip-flops, a tan – doesn’t get better than that! I call this my “happy place!”

But I did have a moment of reflection driving home from work the other day. It brought me back to my early 20’s (my college days), where nothing else mattered other than having fun, partying (sometime a bit too much), making friendships that would last a lifetime, love and heartbreak (which I learned from) and starting down the path of learning about myself and the person I would like to become.

Followed by my early 20’s came my mid-20’s, a time still filled with fun (toned down a bit, just a bit), the beginning stages of my career, finding true love and continuing to learn and grow in my own skin. 

Fast forward to 28, I got married, started a new job and we bought our first house. This was finally the age when I started to feel like a grown up. With the exception of all the times my dad still refers to me as “his baby girl,” that immediately makes me still feel like a kid (and I love it!)

Now as I get ready to turn the page to the next chapter in my life I’m eager to see what my "Dirty 30’s" have in store for me. I already wear the hats of “wife,” “daughter,” “sister,” “friend,” “PR professional” – will “mommy” be next?! 

All I know is that I have a man that loves me, a family that would do anything for me, a job that I absolutely enjoy going to each and every day and forever friends to go through my life with. 

Parting with wise words from my grandmother shared with me each and every birthday… "I’m wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead,” she says, and she always made sure to stress that the healthy part has to come before the happy part, because if you don’t have your health, the happy part is a lot more challenging. 

So here’s to good health – happiness - & turning 30 … CHEERS! 

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