Friday, April 18, 2014

my imaginary guest room

yes, please
I have 2 children, a mortgage, several loans, and one-third of an acre of property. And yet, I will not fully feel like an adult until I have a guest room. Not a room that happens to have an extra place to sleep, not a room with a bed...and a desk, and crafts. A guest room. With a queen-sized bed and nightstands that have lamps - that serves one purpose - a room just for my guests to sleep. Then, my friends, I will feel like a real, live adult. As we are a few years away from that, I often think, nay, dream, about the contents of my future guest room. Indulge me as I take you on a tour...

{an empty dresser with a clean, flat surface} Somewhere to unpack, and set toiletries and make-up. When I stay somewhere, the first thing that I want to do is unpack my toothbrush and toothpaste so its on-hand whenever I need it (I have a small, tooth-brushing obsession, I can only hope I haven't passed on my weirdness to future generations). And unpacking your clothes from your suitcase is absolutely essential for feeling settled, rifling through piles time after time is a sure way to miss home.

{a luggage rack} Empty suitcases need a place to go, or you'll just end up moving it from surface to surface. I haven't come across one that doesn't look too hotel-y, so maybe I'd DIY one in an accent color. On second thought, I think that's a bit beyond my abilities, so maybe I'll keep my out for one to re-vamp...any excuse for thrifting, right??

{color} My default palette is neutral, so I'd love to use a guest room as a chance to bring some color - maybe with a patterned wallpaper? Who else became obsessed with big, bold wallpaper because of that one room in Atonement?! I sure did. (if I don't use wallpaper in a guest room, then I will when I have a little yellow sun room for reading and tea-drinking).

{a water carafe and cup} I don't know why, but I am obsessed with this. Well, I do know why. When I was little, I used to go to my friends grandparents house mansion on a farm, and in the guest room was a carafe and cup for water, and it was just about the classiest thing my 8 year old self had seen (they also had a huge farmhouse table *sigh*). Crate and Barrel seems to always have a style available, so I know where to go when the time comes.

{stripes} every room in my house has something striped - a blanket, a throw pillow, bookcase inserts, my I will of course have to carry on the theme. This rug, perhaps? 

Clearly, there will be other considerate items available - towels, spare toiletries, etc. But that is not the stuff my dreams are made of. What future rooms do you dream about? A greenhouse? A formal dining room? One without papers everywhere?

til the bed spreads,


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