Friday, April 4, 2014

lists of good intentions

I want to live in their house
So we just bought a dry-erase board. This does not seem like that big a deal, but it is. We have it hanging in our kitchen and on this board shall go all the things that need to get done. Its got a strip of cork-board around it, for hanging important things like invitations to all the swell parties we get invited to, and the calendar for our little girls preschool, and bills that need to get paid. You know, adult stuff.

When we plop on the couch at 8pm with the remote in our hand, and we say "there's probably something we should be doing right now", this little board will be the angel on our shoulder reminding us of the additional tasks that linger (mostly related to homeownery-type stuff - hanging curtain rods, purging storage areas, etc)...I have a feeling we will actually grow to resent this board (for more hysterical thoughts on the momentum needed to accomplish adult things, please see Allie Brosh and Hyperbole and a Half, please, pretty please.) But! We are instead choosing to believe that this is the dawn of a new era.

With 2 small kids, there are some things on our list of good intentions that will undoubtedly get passed over time and again. Installing outdoor light fixtures? Yeah, not gonna happen on a weeknight. And what is with super busy weekends?! When did that happen?? 

But there are so many projects where one small thing has to happen before the next phase. Know what I mean? We're trying to clear out our basement storage area, but we have so many old paint cans from the previous owner taking up shelf space. So we need to get those dried out. Done! But then we need to schedule a hazardous waste pick-up. So you call the place, and they're closed on a Tuesday. So then you forget to call on Wednesday and all of a sudden its three weeks later, and you're like, oh right, I need to clean out the basement, but you can't put anything away because...the paint cans. So this is where The Board comes in. Right? The Board and subsequent lists will solve all our problems?

do I have to clean all the things?

We are about 5 days into The Board, the hanging of which totally should've been on the list. Got that done, boom. Ahhh, now we can go watch House of Cards (no spoilers! we're savoring each bit of season two). So far I've done one thing, but given lots and lots of thought to a few others. Baby steps! And frankly, taking time at the end of the day to snuggle up to my boo, decompress, and eat some graham crackers with peanut butter is just as important as organizing storage spaces, or hanging curtain rods (I mean who needs them, when these do the job just fine. I mean, a friend told me that. I don't know from personal experience or anything)

Please tell me we're not the only ones who need a little visual kick-in-the-pants? What do you do to stay focused on the tasks at hand? Dry-erase boards? Chalkboards? Paper lists? Phone reminders? Good old denial?

til the kitchen sinks,

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