Friday, April 11, 2014

{faux}fernutter sandwich

When I want a comfort food, I find myself reverting back to childhood. Not because the foods remind me of my childhood, per se, its just that they are literally child-like. Flutternutter sandwiches, chocolate milk, a Belgian waffle with butter and syrup in each little well, soup and grilled cheese, graham crackers with peanut butter. Yum. I'll be right back. 

I'm "doing" Weight Watchers. In that, I bought a third party app and use it to do everything, and anything I can't do with it, I don't do. I'm not hard core - in the beginning of February I set a 10 lb goal for myself and I'm halfway there and feeling really great. I have 'on' and 'off' days weeks (there are just times when I feel like I'm on a diet and that's usually when I take a little break).

My strategy for avoiding too long of a break is basically just trying to figure ways in which to sneak in all the food I love (without replacing them with chemically substitutes...though fat-free whipped topping in a can has been a lifesaver). So yesterday I had this thought to try mixing PB2 with marshmallow fluff (which I keep in my pantry) to get a Weight Watchers friendly version of one of my faves. In the name of research, I tried it 2 different ways. You're welcome. Well, actually, thank you, because I got to eat 2 yummy sandwiches. This will in no way fill you up enough to be a meal, but its enough to satisfy a little I-want-to-eat-the-foods-I-used-to-but-those-foods-are-the-reason-I'm-doing-Weight-Watchers-in-the-first-place moment.

{Fauxfernutter Sandwich}
3 points+

slightly less than 1 tbsp PB2, mixed with water until smooth but not too runny
2 tbsp marshmallow fluff
2 slices of 1 points+ bread (I've been buying this bread recently)

Stir fluff and PB2 mixture together and then spread on bread and enjoy!

-I tried toasting the bread (again for research purposes)...but I preferred it not toasted
-You can use more of each ingredient, just know that it will affect the overall points+ total. For 2 additional points+ (a total of 5), you could instead do 2 tbsp of PB2 and 3 tbsp of marshmallow fluff.
-skip the bread (and 2points+!) and eat with a spoon - no judgement here!

til the rain showers,

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