Friday, March 14, 2014

You know that friend? It's us.

You know that friend you have, that best friend, who knows you, inside and out, who's been there for everything? Cramming for exams, belting out BeyoncĂ©, celebrating birthdays (and taking care of you after those fun nights out), standing by your side as you got married, and holding your hand when you've faced hardship? That's what we are to each other - and it's been that way for 12 years. College roommates Loni, Em & Juls (there were - and still are - a couple others too) ... we've been borrowing clothes (and boyfriends, ahem), talking style and sports, making meals and memories through some of the most important times in our lives. 

No longer living under the same roof, our lives and husbands have now taken us to different cities – away from each other and our families - so we'll share this blog the way we used to share a dorm room. A place to go when we need strength, a make-up tip (the elusive, perfect smokey eye, anyone?), the lowdown on the upcoming sports season, or a closet full of new inspiration, but mostly a place where we can turn to our friends when we need them.

Although we are three girls, living in three different cities, one thing is certain … we’ll always be best friends living our lives {together}.


  1. Three girls, three you all and can't wait to follow your adventures as you continue to post them on your blog!!

  2. Isn't it great that all this technology works best when it's used to make the best things in life work even better?!?! Brava, Three Girls��

  3. Congrats to Em and nice to "meet" you Loni and Juls... can't wait to read along on your adventures and share in your beauty/crafty/sports goodness!