Monday, March 17, 2014

why, hello there

Hi! I’m Em and I’m married to my high school sweetheart Justin and we have 2 really, quite adorable children, Sally and Graham* (and I am totally biased, but it’s still the truth). In the past 6 years, I’ve gotten engaged, married, moved 5 times (sniff, sniff...still miss DC), left my job, had a baby, bought a house, and had another take that, job interviewer circa 2007 – that’s where I see myself in 5ish years! I get stupidly happy when I make a yummy (and kosher) meal, or bake a treat, or decorate (some days I settle for straightening) a room, or watch The West Wing, or manage to keep a plant alive, or giggle with my sister, or re-read a Harry Potter book, or wear stripes, or dream about going to Paris.

My family and friends are my life support. For the hard, heavy, real-life stuff, and also for those little every day moments when you need to feel like part of a team. FaceTime-ing with grandparents during the 5:00pm bewitching hour (aka the hour when your kids become crazy, irrational, maniacal dictators), a quick outfit selfie for last minute approval (can I really wear a chambray shirt under that?!), comparing notes on favorite, easy dinners, or the thank-goodness-my-sister-is-a-nurse-what-is-this-rash phone call. 

These every day moments will inspire most of what I blog about - and through posts and comments (that's where all the good stuff is anyway!), three girls three cities can be place where we know our friends are hanging out, ready to help whenever and wherever we may be!

*names have been changed to give some privacy to the non-bloggers in the family


  1. Ready to hang Em!! (and Justin, Sally and Graham:)

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