Friday, March 21, 2014

TGIS...thank goodness its spring

Hope you all got your free Rita's yesterday (mmm, Swedish Fish is my fave)! I, however, have been awaiting, not the arrival of spring, but the arrival of Frozen in my mailbox. This movie is er-mazing. Oh wait, I mean my daughter thinks its amazing. Right. Her. The 3 year old is obsessed. Not the 30 year old. Right. But it has arrived, along with spring, so all is right with the world.

Speaking of frozen, icy things...spring! Since we bought the house (and once I got my act together after having baby #2 a year and a half ago) I've been doing seasonal mantel decorations. Started out pretty lame with 4th of July 2013 but I've been working on it. I really, really try to use things that I've got around the house, but if I think to stalk Michael's for 40% off (or even better, the rare 50% off) coupons, then I might buy one or 2 items...usually something floral-y. Some elements of my mantel decor are permanent and then I just sub out seasonal stuff to fill in as needed. Please note the exceptionally classy child-proofing strips on the edge of the hearth. We usually have a couch on one side and chairs on the other to protect the corners. Graham's a little daredevil!

child-proofing really adds a little je ne sais quoi, no?
As life has leveled out somewhat in the post-infancy months, I've also been having fun with Photoshop Elements. Is it too stay-at-home-mom cliche to say that it provides a wonderful creative outlet? It is? Oh well. Because it is! I love it. I've been making all kinds of fun things - birthday decorations, some wall decor for one of my besties, and now, a printable to add to my seasonal mantel. And just for a little Friday fun, and to spread the spring cheer to all the land, here's the 8x10 in case you want to download it for your own self. Just right-click on the image and save it to your computer. Let me know in the comments if it doesn't work!

a few of my favorite spring things

yours til the butter flies,

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  1. Em, your house is literally Pinterest-Perfect. LOVE it!!!