Friday, March 14, 2014

Philly + Jersey = Loni

I’m a Philly girl through and through, who’s technically a “Jersey Girl” now - only took me 4 years to come to this realization.

I still hold many things Philly close to my heart, my love for anything and everything Eagles (as in the football team) and the fact that a good cheese steak is hard to find anywhere other than in the city of brotherly love!

Family is everything to me, always has been – always will be! I live further away from my parents and brother than I ever thought I would (if you consider an hour and a half far) - but hey, it is what it is right?!

TOMBOY ALERT: Sundays are for football, driveways are for basketball nets and diamonds are this girls best friend (baseball diamonds that is). I’ve been known to hold my own in a room full of guys talking about sports. Shout out to my Dad for teaching me how NOT to throw like a girl, and in fact throw a perfect spiral football.

I’m a lover of all things warm and tropical - give me on a beach chair with some great reggae music and a margarita in my hand and I’m in my happy place. Shoes are overrated – having the sand between your toes is one of the best feelings in the world! Traveling (anywhere) with my husband is one of my most favorite things - Our South African honeymoon is hands down my most favorite adventure we’ve been on (so far).

Cooking and trying new recipes is an absolute passion of mine. This of course is always more fun with a glass of wine close by. Lover of both red and white – and the bubbly stuff doesn’t suck either!

I got my green thumb and love for photography from my Dad, my compassion and ability to be a good listener from my Mom. Growing up my brother was my partner in crime (and still is) and my husband is my soul mate (and the male version of me). He's truly my rock and there isn’t a storm that we haven’t been able to weather together (and weather forecasts haven’t all been good!)

I’m passionate, honest, determined with a bit of an edge and I don’t take no for an answer. Very fitting I must say being that “no” was my first word as a child, followed by “sh!t,” thank you Mom!

My views are my own, I’m not always right (and I know that) but my words always come from my heart. 

Come join me on this ride through life’s crazy twists and turns and let’s laugh along the way!

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